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Synergy Ball
Cohesive Synergy first started its business as a band of consultants in early 2002.

We started with humble beginnings in Beverly Hills, California. Our mission was clear: to establish and create value for each of our customers. That model has to this day been a constant source of repeat business. The name was also chosen with a lot of consideration. Synergy is a very important part of any engagement and having Cohesion within the synergy with some tried and true principles have proven over time how we can continue to grow our philosophy while helping our customers in parallel. The synergy ball (our logo) represents that philosophy and if you engage with us, you will notice that in all of our deliverables. October 2006 we incorporated the firm with state of CA and then in early 2008, moved our operations to Scottsdale, AZ.

Our story is long but simple. We have customers around the world, and each one satisfied with our performance. We’ve been often asked how we compete against big 5 consulting giants, and our answer is simple: We believe in creating value and always keeping our customers goals as priority.

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key solutions

Program Management

Managing a multitude of projects and workstreams and collaborating all that into one cohesive view is our core strength.

Transition & Transformation

We have managed countless Transition and Transformation engagements with customers globally. T&T is a an art, and very specific to each customer.

Stakeholder Management

We help support your organizations strategic objectives by creating a very strong bond with stakeholders, while managing their expectations and objectives.

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A broad range of consultancy services

  • Public, private and hybrid Cloud migrations
  • Program & Project management
  • Software Development
  • RFP and RFI management
  • Network and Security architecture
  • Healthcare specific IT projects
  • Business process management
  • SharePoint services
  • Exchange services
  • Cisco technologies