Service Simple

Most of what we do is solve our clients challenges through professional services

We keep our word. One of our core strengths is delivering on our promises. We mean everything we say and never over-promise.

We are Experienced

Our team of professionals have different backgrounds, decades of experience, various skills and expertise in different industries

We are on Time

We are punctual and mindful on our engagements, and we deliver all our projects on agreed schedules with our customers

We are Competent

Our perspective is to blend business and technology expertise with creativity, structure, and knowledge of our customers

We are Delivering Exceptional
Services for You

Program & Project Management

We have over 17 years of proven experience in Program and Project Management. Our
consultants have an extremely wide industry experience and are certified either with PMI, Prince2, Scrum, Agile or several other available industry certifications.

CSI has excelled in delivering complex and challenging IT Projects to its customer base within North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We make sure that the Vendors and Suppliers live up to their promises while delivering excellent visibility and transparency to our customers.

Business Process Management

Our focus will always remain on understanding and exploring your short term and long-term goals, making sure the changes you want to implement align well and then make sure we bring your people as part of that business process.

We will help you streamline your processes using various techniques and making your existing teams’ part of the outcome. The methodology will always bring people and processes before technology, therefore removing that forced adoption from one technology vendor.

Transition & Transformation Management

Transition & Transformation take an organization through a change, which inherently is risky and filled with apprehension, stress and lots of resistance. We make this process seamless with a lot of upfront process vetting and communication.
There is always very heavy risk management involved in any Transition and learning about your existing practices and processes becomes our top priority.

We employ very stringent and unwavering practices to make sure that whatever type of Transition takes place, all risks are clearly highlighted, there is defined and agreed upon decision making process. In the end our goal is to make this as "near seamless" as possible.

Organizational Change Management

When our customers engage us for any change on their side, we will focus on making sure that any misinformation is removed with all the employees and communicated properly using townhall and Q&A type approaches. We have let very successful OCM strategies across multiple regions on multi-million-dollar projects.

The primary target is always the consensus, followed by strong executive leadership,
impeccable communication with a viable plan. It’s always a good idea to include success
measurements for that plan and rewards for the human capital.

Stakeholder Management

The principles of upward and downward management are at the very core of our philosophy. When we engage on any of our customer’s projects, the most critical activity is Stakeholder recognition and consensus on schedule, quality, resources and the overall scope.

It is imperative that all the Stakeholders take ownership of their respective parts and are engaged at every gate of the project. We deliver detailed Decision Support Dashboards on a weekly basis which enable all Stakeholders to understand the current status and make required decisions to continue moving the project forward.

Risk Management

We use very effective proprietary risk management tools and templates, and our consultants clearly identify and set aside Risks from Issues. With Risk management comes a lot of Stakeholder engagement and communication. Our goal is always to make sure that risks have mitigation activities and owners assigned to them.

We don’t like risks converting to issues, and this is why we pride ourselves in providing transparency and full visibility from the very core of the engagements and bubbling it up for executive leadership to they can understand how inaction can result in an issue.

RFI & RFP Management

We have written and managed hundreds of RFIs and RFPs since our inception. Understanding our customer’s strategic business needs, and then aligning them with their goals, while translating all of that into an effective RF document, takes a lot of talent and experience.

We partner with your procurement organization and bridge the gap between all parties involved in a very cohesive manner. Our consultants have broad knowledge and we create partnerships with the right Vendors, Suppliers and other organizations to make sure that the RFP process is ran smoothly from inception, vendor invitations, proposal reviews and scoring to final vendor selection.

Business Case Analysis

We have co-built and analyzed many business cases. A lot of times we will also work with our customers to do a Proof of Concept to get enough data and statistics supporting the viability of that business case. Our SMEs will make sure there is quantitative and qualitative analysis done aligned with your goals, so your decision-making processes are fully supported.

There are times we will bring in outside experts and industry reports to help our customers understand what similar organizations as themselves have been doing, how they tackled the business problem they are trying to solve for, and we then arrange for calls with their senior leadership through our partners.