Program & Project Management

Global Logistics Firm – SharePoint 2013 BCA

This was a two fold engagement.

Design, run and implement a proof of concept for a Global Logistics client, showing the validity of SharePoint 2013 in the cloud vs in house. We consulted with our partners and ran the implementation successfully, showing different transition mechanisms from existing SharePoint installation into different implementations of SharePoint 2013.

We ran an extensive OAT and UAT with approved and agreed upon use cases. The architects and team of engineers engaged very extensively on this engagement while producing and documenting ton of data and metrics for the customer.

On a parallel stream, a very detailed Business Case was developed with our engagement and Program delivery managers working closely with client's international processes and committees. The BCA went through several revisions and was finally submitted for to client for internal funding approvals showing cost benefit analysis moving from existing old and near EOSL service to a new, better all encompassing SharePoint solution.

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