Program & Project Management

Insurance Sector – Multiple Projects

MS Exchange 2007 to MS Exchange 2010 migration.

Starting in August, 2012, We took on a MS Exchange migration project that had previously failed. When our team restarted this project, they needed to repair 200 mailboxes that were migrated during the failed project and then migrate 2,200 mailboxes to the new MS Exchange 2010 environment in April, 2013. In May, 2013, the team finished the project by decommissioning the old Exchange 2007 servers.

Windows 7 Migration:

Starting in August 2012, our project team began a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration. The scope of this project involved not only the migration of 550 laptops from Windows XP to Windows 7, but included virtualizing user profiles (using AppSense) and 600+ applications (using MS App-V).


Starting in September, 2012, our client decided that it wanted to migrate all of its 800 in-office desktops and 390 out-of-office teleworker from Windows XP to a Citrix VDI solution. The project team designed and created a POC XenDesktop environment based on the newly created Windows 7 base image. For the Production environment, our client selected VCE VBlock integrated hardware, which utilizes Cisco UCS blades and switches, VMWare hypervisors, and EMC storage. In addition a new XenApp 6.5 environment was built outside of the VBlock environment that will be used to stream applications to the virtual desktops that cannot be delivered via MS App-V.


Starting in May 2013, our P2V project team began a project to virtualize 28 aging physical servers that housed the client data warehouse. Our client chose the VCE VBlock platform for the virtual environment, using Cisco UCS blades and switches, VMWare hypervisors, and EMC storage. Prior to the arrival of the new VBlock, the team virtualized 10 servers into an existing UCS environment. When the VBlock arrived and was installed in September, 2013, the project team began virtualizing physical servers to the new environment. The project is project to complete by December 31, 2013.

MS Lync 2010:

Starting in July, 2013, the Lync project team migrated all desktop and laptop users from MS Office Communicator 2007 and Live Meeting 2007 to MS Lync 2010 in September, 2013. The team then migrated teleworkers to Lync 2010 where they received Windows 7 virtual desktops.

SharePoint 2010:

Starting in September 2013, we took on a SarePoint migration project that had stalled. Our client needed a new SharePoint 2010 environment built to replace its existing SharePoint 2007 environment and provide an easy migration path to Sharepoint 2013. The project team built Production, Staging, and Development SharePoint 2010 environments, completing in August, 2013.