Program & Project Management

Stakeholder Management

This is one of the very key area that our Consulting services have been focusing on over the years. You can get the best Software developers, program and project managers and a whole group of SMEs, but if you fail to do proper Stakeholder management, no matter how successful you are in your deliverables, the engagement will fail and come to a screeching halt. We have been hired just exclusively for these services at times, and other times brought in to take over a dying engagement due to mismanagement.

Communication, effective reporting and Expectation management are some of the key attributes to successful overall Stakeholder management. Early on in the engagement, we will get as complete a picture of all the Stakeholders in the engagement with our customers. We will map it out on RAPID or RACI tables at each work stream or project and then at overall program level. Depending on the size of engagement, we will have several cascading committees and daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings with these committees for Risk, decision and budget management requirements.

Understanding the expectations of our Sponsors and Stakeholders is of prime importance to us, and we will make sure they are involved through out the engagement lifecycle.