Program & Project Management

Transition and Transformation

We will help manage complete end to end Transition and Transformation processes. These processes require a very skilled set of individuals who have the experience and know how of making sure all elements are smoothly coordinated and finished in a manner where it is seamless to out customer's employee force.

There is always very heavy risk management involved in any Transition and learning about your existing practices and processes becomes our top priority. We employ very stringent and unwavering practices to make sure that whatever type of Transition takes place, all risks are clearly highlighted, there is defined and agreed upon decision making process. In the end our goal is to make this as "near seamless" as possible.

We have worked on outsourcing and insourcing deals or a hybrid approaches. Recently we have been heavily involved with Cloud initiatives which carry the most risk with your business data and legal requirements. Overall our tried and true methodology of breaking everything down to discrete logical blocks, deliverables, scaling them against parallel timelines and heavy communication with Stakeholders will get you through all your most difficult transitions.

At the end of Transition, the natural processes of Transformation will take on. This is where we deal with you directly on all custom projects within Transformation. This could involve a number of different initiatives, including but not limited to post implementation operational support, further improvements to processes or certain aspects of an organization which can only begin post Transition. New technologies being implemented post Transition, and getting existing processes or applications mapped to the new services enabled by transition.